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Our clients see an immediate boost to their lead conversion rates once they roll out our platform.

While industry average lead conversion rates stagnates between 10% and 25%, those utilizing our CRM lead automation software experience rates of 75% and higher.

Doubling, or nearly tripling, conversion rates allows businesses to reduce their marketing budgets while still capturing a healthy amount of sales. 

"ClientTether helped us bridge that gap between leading the customer to us, and then implementing a quick quote, a quick call, or a quick text."

Jeff Barnes
Owner, Clean Green Carpet Cleaning

Stay Competitive and Automate Your Workflow

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Roof Maxx

"As the owner of a very small operation, I wear all the hats. I'm the salesman, accountant, marketing director and customer service rep. One area I was lacking in was staying on top of all the new leads. I had to reach out to most people several times just to connect with them. I just didn't have all that time. With ClientTether, I no longer have to spend time chasing down all the leads. This software does it for me. I spent some time up front putting together a customized program of calls, texts and emails, and have immediately tripled my customer contacts, appointments and sales. It stores all the customer information, does my marketing, schedules my appointments, sends email and text confirmations, and reminds me when I need to call somebody back. It even makes the calls for me. Training and customer service are fantastic. I highly recommend that you try ClientTether. It will change your business, too."

Dave W. Roof Maxx Certified Dealer

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"Within a month of using ClientTether with our HomeAdvisor leads, we went from a booking rate of 21%, revenue of $7k, and ROI of 180% to a 46% booking rate, $18k in revenue, $66k in estimates, and a ROI of 628%. The best part is...this number will continue to go up. ClientTether just makes sense. It's so simple and effective."

Preston K.

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"We have seen dramatic effects on our business over the last several months since implementing ClientTether throughout our franchise system. With the lead response automation tools, our franchisees are able to schedule appointments with almost all of their leads before our competitors even call them! With some lead systems, these leads are sold to 4 of our competitors at the same time as us. Using these automated lead response plans, we ensure that none of our franchisees' leads fall through the cracks and that each one is going through the same engaging process. This is particularly important, because our franchise owners are busy running their businesses, and wouldn't otherwise be able to drop everything to follow up with these leads. Between using the connection action plans and ongoing nurturing plans our franchise owners are closing up to 65-80% of their leads that come in (average is between 25-35%, so we are crushing it!). Because of the ongoing customer engagement automation in ClientTether, revenue from repeat business and referrals has increased. The automated plans we built for our franchise owners allows them to automatically cycle back through their existing clients through text, email, and calls. They check in about past projects, see if they have any new projects, ask if they know anyone that would be a good referral, and get them to leave online reviews. The other month one of our franchise owners landed 5 new jobs in one day from repeat or referral companies. This is unheard of in our industry! ClientTether has absolutely made a huge impact on our business!"

Jason Leber. Director of Franchise Operations

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