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ClientTether’s powerful franchise management software automates the hard work in FranDev and unit operations to double your sales without you breaking a sweat

View how different platforms and traffic sources contribute to your lead count using ClientTether.

Convert up to 5x more leads

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    Respond to leads within 30 seconds
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    Automatically contact each lead 6-8 more times
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    Email, call, or text while the lead is still on your site
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    All leads flow automatically into our CRM
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    Automate and visualize lead source tracking
"ClientTether boosted our franchisee lead conversion rates by 278% across our entire system within the first 90 days of deployment. It has been a game changer in boosting unit-level performance while providing insightful visibility into Zee behavior."

Katie O'Brien — Two Maids

Close new customers, faster

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    Build funnels that engage, excite, and convert.
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    Automate and personalize text, email, and physical touch points.
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    Build in-platform e-signatures, payment portals and proposal management.
“When engaging with and converting leads, ClientTether is our secret weapon.”

Marissa C.
Example sales data partitioned per geographical location

Increase customer retention and loyalty by 80%

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    Generate online reviews, new service promotions, and referral requests
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    Automate campaigns and loyalty programs
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    Enhance customer service response and engagement
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    View company-wide metrics to better manage customer relationships
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    Franchise-specific data points to inform and pinpoint system-wide performance challenges
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Automate Your Franchise Business

One of the key features of ClientTether’s franchise management software is its ability to automate routine tasks, saving you valuable time and resources. From managing customer data to scheduling appointments and follow-ups, let us handle these repetitive tasks effortlessly, and allow you to focus on your highest priorities and growing your franchise system.  

Whether you need to automate franchise development or unit-level performance, our SMS, Email, and Phone Call automations can ensure consistency and efficiency across your franchise system. This leads to improved customer satisfaction and increased profitability.
Revolutionizing Franchise Operations:
Streamline with ClientTether
ClientTether offers an unparalleled software solution designed exclusively for franchisors, aiming to simplify communication and operations like never before. With our innovative features, you gain the power to connect with leads and customers through their preferred channels, optimizing engagement levels and ultimately enhancing conversion rates. Our CRM system goes beyond traditional communication methods.

Effectively communicate with your franchisees, reinforce your brand image and propel revenue growth with our franchise solutions. Embrace the future of franchise operations and experience the convenience of effortless communication with ClientTether.

Effortlessly automate texts, calls, emails, and even hand-written notes

See Our Platform In Action
Track and respond to leads automatically with ClientTether's unique CRM software.