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As a home care services franchise, you understand the importance of support. You can now offer your franchisees as much support as they offer their customers with ClientTether. Our home care services franchise CRM allows for better business operations and increased client engagement across locations.

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Because being first really does matter.

Your marketing spend is creating great leads. How quickly you connect with and nurture them determines how many convert and eventually become raving fans. You have 5 minutes to connect before your chance of making contact and converting them drops by 10X. Wait 30 minutes and it drops 100X.

Improve operations and enhance client experience

Simple Integrations

Stay organized with ClientTether’s integrations for scheduling, financing, marketing and more. By integrating with your favorite apps, you can run all business processes from one location - share, edit, update and report.

Streamlined Processes with Room for Customization

As a home care business, orderly processes ensure both your success and the safety of your clients. ClientTether allows you to keep Franchisees informed of and trained in proper procedures. Customizable fields can be adapted to different types of care (in-home, senior, injury assistance, etc.) and to different locations. Stay relevant in your industry and across locations with our intelligent home care services franchise CRM.

Comprehensive Reporting

The ClientTether Franchise CRM dashboard keeps track of all business data for informative decision making. Your Franchise Owners can track projects, customer communications, and overall sales. You can compare locations and see who is succeeding and which locations need more support.

Easy Contract Setup

Make your client's lives easier with our simple contract setup. Customizable templates allow you to design contracts and informational documents that will keep clients aware of the terms of your service. Collect digital signatures to close sales quickly and eliminate paperwork.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

For most home care services, reputation is one of the biggest marketing factors. In addition to providing quality home care, customer engagement is essential in maintaining a positive reputation. With ClientTether, you can automate customer responses and increase your number of positive reviews. By maintaining positive client relationships, you ensure overall success for each of your locations.

Brand Consistency with Automation

No matter the industry, automation is the key to success. Home care services is a delicate industry that involves much attention to detail. With ClientTether, you can ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Automation allows you to stay on top of customer engagement, sales cycles, team management, financial reporting and location performance.

With ClientTether, you can keep both your clients and your franchise locations happy and healthy.

For an organized home care services franchise, consider our CRM software. Contact us today for a free trial.

"ClientTether helped us bridge that gap between leading the customer to us, and then implementing a quick quote, a quick call, or a quick text."

Jeff Barnes
Owner, Clean Green Carpet Cleaning

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