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Customer Engagement Platform

Engage with your customers 1-to-1 in real time, automatically triggered by lead source, events, dates, etc.

  • Create automated engagement campaigns
  • Communicate with clients in real-time
  • Call, text, or email with a personalized touch
  • Automate internal communications to coordinate client needs

Meet our seamless, fully automated, easy-to-use sales management dashboard. Manage customer interactions like never before with in-platform text, call, and email.

  • Automated UI tracks client interactions
  • Automated outbound calls and tracking
  • Manage, place, and close
  • Collect invoices, manage payments, and more
Easy-to-use Dashboard

Manage team performance with dynamic, comparative dashboards to show how each rep, franchise, or business location is performing.

  • Track sales, lead follow-up, progress through sales cycles, and lead attribution through our dashboarding tools
  • Manage internal output and team performance
  • Quickly see/understand needs of clients
  • Real-time task manager keeps your team up-to-date and action-driven.
Sales-Closing Feature

Create automated engagement campaigns triggered by lead sources, events, specific dates, etc. Engage clients automatically with calls, reminders, texts, and emails.

  • Visual pipelines
  • Call center
  • Easy-to-connect API
  • Chat tools
Open API Integrations

Integrate with several platforms today.

  • Open API & Clear API documentation
  • Zapier Connection
  • Integration with Google Calendar, Google Sheets, ClubReady, Home Advisor, Mailbox Power, and anything else with our powerful webhooks.

Team Workflow Efficiency Gains

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"ClientTether helped us bridge that gap between leading the customer to us, and then implementing a quick quote, a quick call, or a quick text."

Jeff Barnes
Owner, Clean Green Carpet Cleaning
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