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A painting business SMS software, robust CRM, and project management tool all rolled into one, ClientTether is the virtual assistant you need. Creating seamless integration between your sales team, contractors, and management, ClientTether makes running business a breeze.

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Because being first really does matter.

Your marketing spend is creating great leads. How quickly you connect with and nurture them determines how many convert and eventually become raving fans. You have 5 minutes to connect before your chance of making contact and converting them drops by 10X. Wait 30 minutes and it drops 100X.

An all-in-one solution

Capture More Leads

Customize lead sources, track marketing campaign effectiveness, and gain a clearer understanding of your sales priorities. Through automated responses to customer inquiries (via email, call, or text), ClientTether allows you to capture more leads. Never miss a sale again.

Hassle-Free Project Management

Follow through from start to finish with bid worksheets, proposal templates, and digital signature tools. Contractors can send quotes directly to clients, upload before and after photos, and close projects in one place. Project management is made easy with external and internal communications and a running record of every step.

Generate More Leads, Increase Sales

Never miss a sale with ClientTether. You can upload and customize your sales cycle, track every lead that comes in and automate follow-ups. Chart your marketing campaign efficiency and stay informed with a visual sales pipeline display. Our competitor comparison tool can show you where improvements are necessary and where you're succeeding.

Customer Relationship Management

Building a strong brand starts with effective communication. ClientTether makes this simple with automated email, phone & text messaging, no matter the size of your organization. Communication fields can be customized to serve individual client bases, helping you stay relevant in every territory you are present in.


A key factor in success, organization is made simple (and paper-free) with ClientTether. Your dashboard displays data-rich information on sales, marketing, projects, and team members. Make informed decisions, schedule appointments, assign tasks, and keep everyone in the loop from one place.

ClientTether is the software that brings your painting business automation, organization, and success.

ClientTether offers more than your average painting business SMS software. Enhanced with integrations and streamless communication, this robust program has enough power to manage both your business and your team. Second only to paint brushes in your tool box, ClientTether adds the finishing touch your painting business needs. Get started today with a free trial.

"ClientTether helped us bridge that gap between leading the customer to us, and then implementing a quick quote, a quick call, or a quick text."

Jeff Barnes
Owner, Clean Green Carpet Cleaning
The best brands in franchising trust ClientTether

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