CRM for Financial Services

As a financial advisor, simplicity is your key offering. ClientTether is the business automation software that takes the complexity out of client and project management. With our powerful software, you can flawlessly execute financial services for your clients and manage business processes with ease.

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Because being first really does matter.

Your marketing spend is creating great leads. How quickly you connect with and nurture them determines how many convert and eventually become raving fans. You have 5 minutes to connect before your chance of making contact and converting them drops by 10X. Wait 30 minutes and it drops 100X.

For financial advisors and institutions, ClientTether provides organization and practice management.

Contact Management

Your client's portfolios will be rich with personal data and financial information. ClientTether helps you keep these records secure and organized. Communication records keep track of all interactions, automated responses enhance engagement, and grouping and tagging tools increase organization. As a financial advisor, you're entrusted with sensitive information. ClientTether ensures you don't forget it, improving client relationships.

Clear Strategy Execution

Customizable project management tools allow you to develop unique strategies and processes that fit your service offerings. Internal and external communication will keep both your team and your clients in the loop. Notes and reminders can help keep track of client's events or important financial dates.

Endless Integrations

ClientTether integrates seamlessly with numerous apps, allowing your financial institution to utilize its favorite tools. Develop your business processes with simple scheduling, powerful research, data-rich analytics, strong calculations and archivable reporting. Connect everything in ClientTether for a simplified approach.

Powerful Reporting

Every aspect of our business automation software reports directly to your dashboard. You can view marketing effectiveness, project timelines, sales pipelines, pending engagements, and overall sales progress. Data points are editable and shareable, allowing you to track what you want and keep your team informed.

Marketing Automation

When it comes to marketing automation platforms for businesses, ClientTether is leading the industry. Automated responses ensures you never miss a lead while marketing tools enhance engagement in every step of the sales cycle. Track opportunities and know where you stand with each potential client.

You manage wealth for your clients.

Allow us to manage your success. Contact ClientTether today for a free trial or demo.

"ClientTether helped us bridge that gap between leading the customer to us, and then implementing a quick quote, a quick call, or a quick text."

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