How ClientTether Automates Sales Engagement

Case Study

We love to help our clients and love celebrating and being involved in their successes. We feel the best way to introduce you to what we do is to hear it straight from one of our customers: “We have seen dramatic effects on our business over the last several months since implementing ClientTether. With the “Connect” feature, we are able to schedule appointments with almost all of our leads before our competitors even call them! These leads are sold to 4 of our  competitors at the same time as us. Using “Convert”, we ensure that none of our leads fall through the cracks and that every lead is going through the same process. Between “Connect” and “Convert” we are closing up to 60-70% of our leads that come in (statistically we should be closing 20%, so we are crushing it!). Lastly our revenue from repeat business and referrals has increased since taking advantage of the “Create” component. “Create” allows us to automatically cycle back through our existing clients through whatever communication method or frequency we want. We check in about past projects, see if they have any new projects, and ask if they know anyone that would be a good referral. The other month we landed 5 new jobs in one day from repeat or referral companies, this is unheard of in our industry! ClientTether has absolutely made a huge impact on our business!” – Conrad


How does it work?


Deconstruct your existing sales process and optimize for client engagement & efficiency


Re-engineer your process in the ClientTether, maximizing best practices & blended communication technology


Automate every step in your sales & client relationship processes


Seamlessly leverage your different methods of communication (email, text and phone)



Each sale begins with the first conversation

ClientTether Connect can immediately connect you to your customers. Utilize and automate email, text, and phone calls to be in contact within seconds instead of minutes, hours, or days.

When a lead submits his or her information to you, their focus, availability, and interest is at an all-time high. By being the first company to contact that lead, you are igniting a positive relationship and showing that you’re the most responsive, reachable, and invested among your competition. Instead of acting as a passive information storage system until initial contact is made, ClientTether takes charge the second a lead comes in. Within 30 seconds, your new lead will receive a text and email from your company. You will also receive a call allowing you to connect with your lead on the phone with the simple touch of a button. If you don’t connect with your lead immediately, ClientTether automatically initiates a customized follow-up campaign to maximize the probability of first contact being made.





90% of sales is follow-up… that doesn’t mean it should take 90% of your time

Convert leads effortlessly through automated and scheduled follow-up. Schedule calls, texts, and emails to your customers according to your desired time frame and frequency preferences.

Communication is the lifeblood of sales. It is a cyclical process that yearns for automation while requiring a human touch. ClientTether is a semi-automated sales process organization tool that minimizes tedious and repetitive work while facilitating the development of relationships with clients. Unlike passive sales management software, ClientTether doesn’t focus on simply reminding you of the next steps in a sales process. It initiates every action in your sales cycle, simplifying the balance of human-to-human contact, and executing repeatable actions without you lifting a finger.





Transforming client retention from “staying in touch” to deepening relationships

Create is where the client retention magic happens.  Wouldn’t it be great if you were able to systematically remember to call back your old clients so that you remain at the top of their minds? Or even better, have that call, email, and/or text go out automatically? Just set ClientTether in motion and your clients will never forget you.

It’s common knowledge that previous customers are the least expensive clients to acquire. They are also the most valuable to retain. Not only is a repeat client easier to sell to than a new customer, but they are also a source of high-conversion referrals. Through automating customized and engaging emails, text messages, calls, and contact reminders, ClientTether helps you create these long-term relationships without adding to your workload. All you have to do is answer the phone!

  • Strengthen client relationships
  • Expand your referral network
  • Increase repeat customers
  • Maximize your existing client base
  • Decrease client acquisition costs