Client Engagement Platform Features

Lead Engagement & Source Reports

Knowing where your leads are coming from and what happens to them once they do is critical to forecasting, marketing measurement, and sales growth.  Client Tether puts your lead flow information at your fingertips in our updated Dashboard reporting. We also provide real-time dashboards to help you track your sales calling and texting utilization. 


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Lead Conversion Dashboard

From the same updated dashboard, you can easily see how all of your leads are progressing through your sales process. Quickly measure and track your new leads, those leads you need to contact today, and those who are overdue for a call. Our dashboards also show you a whole perspective of where your leads and clients are in your sales engagement plans.  


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Lead and Client Connection Plans

Using ClientTether, you have complete control over your how often and when your new leads will get contacted. To maximize lead conversion, you can use our intuitive new UI to develop action plans to send customized emails and texts immediately or on a schedule. Add in automated calls to connect your team to your lead or schedule call reminders that will help you and your team give your leads an experience that will make you stand out from your competitors. Once your lead engagement action plans are in place, you can relax and know that your team will connect with leads faster and with more persistence than they ever have before. See all of your engagement steps in sequence, create custom timings that will optimize open rates, and tokenize your messages to make them contextually relevant and engaging. 

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CRM & Client History Management

Immediate lead engagement and automated follow-up is great, but if you can’t manage and monitor your leads’, contacts’, and clients’ ongoing progress and relationship, those things are only somewhat helpful. 

ClientTether provides a natively integrated CRM that enables you to track your opportunity value, engagement plans, communication history, and anything else you need to track with them. Because of our dynamic tagging system, we do not have the same rigid limitations other CRMs develop. As long as you are an enterprise software company, those other systems will work well for you. If you are one of the other 90% of the companies in the world, you might find our fluid and flexible design refreshing. 

Forgot which furnace unit your client has installed? No problem. Listen to your recorded call in the client history. 

Need to see what the client said in response to your last text message/email? You are one click away from a unified client history. 

Our goal is to automate and simplify your sales process, so your team spends more time selling and less time working as sales admins. 

Scheduled Emails, Texts, Calls, & Call Reminders

In addition to our automated lead conversion and sales action plans, your team can send immediate or scheduled emails and texts from within the client profile. 

This is a particularly powerful tool, to automate appointment follow-ups, to send timely updates, to send a personal message, or to provide additional resources as committed during an appointment. This part of the sales process is often one of the most neglected. That’s why we have worked hard to make it easy for you. 

Email Design & Customization

Drip campaigns are kind of the worst. Why, you ask?

Because emails that are sent to large groups of people without respect to the relevance of that information tends to frustrate clients more than engage them. You want your clients to get excited when you send them an email, because they know you wouldn’t waste their time with irrelevant updates like Bertha’s work anniversary in your marketing department. 

Create visually engaging, tokenized emails that are associated to context-driven action plans to truly boost your client engagement and lead conversion. 

Here’s an example of how to do that.

Making the Phones Ring


When you implement ClientTether’s engagement platform, you literally make the phone ring. And your sales team won’t be the only ones cheering when that happens. 

Our clients report increasing lead conversion by 700%, and saving thousands of dollars each month in now-unnecessary marketing expenses to drive the same or increased sales. 

Want your customers to feel like they’re your only customer? 

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