Marketing Automation: Taking Out The Trash


An introduction into the world of Sales and Marketing Automation by Conrad Kolba.

Isn’t it great when you tell your son that trash day is on Tuesday and he takes out the trash every Monday night without being reminded? Isn’t it wonderful when your staff follows up on a lead within seconds of it coming in? Isn’t it fantastic to know that none of your leads will never fall through the cracks? Don’t you sleep better at night knowing that your entire database of customers will be reached out to in the next six months like you had asked? And will continue to be communicated with every three six thereafter without ever needing to remind your staff?

I can see you tilting your head right now with one eyebrow being raised. You’re thinking to yourself, oh what a wonderful world that would be! And yes, not only would I sleep better every night, I would wake up happy in the morning!

Well start reaching for your eye mask, because it can happen…all of that except for your son taking out the trash every week without being reminded to do it eighty times…you’re on your own for that.

Marketing automation is alive and well, and it’s changing the way we do business.

Application to Franchisors

It becomes even more valuable if you have a franchisee/franchisor relationship... With your own employees, you can tell them to do something or they lose their job. With a franchisee, you can suggest and teach best practices, but it’s still up to them to do it, even if you’ve shown them time and time again that it will greatly boost their business. Again, it’s up to them to actually do it.

The thing is, their reasons for not doing them are valid. I’ve been there; on both sides of the isle—franchisee and franchisor. As a franchisee, I want to do the best for my business, but sometimes I just can’t physically do all the things I need to do, or remember when to do them.

With ClientTether’s marketing automation, both you as the franchisor or the franchisee can set specific motions in place and know that those communications are going to happen with your customers. And the best part is, no one needs to remember to do them anymore. You as the franchisor are now able to give your franchisees a tool that will change their business. All those pesky little things that you know need to be done will now be done…and who will thank you for it? Your franchisee and your customers!

Marketing automation will not only increase sales, but also decrease marketing and human resources spend! Check out the video coming soon and let’s chat about how ClientTether can take out your trash.

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