Increase Lead Response & Conversion by 6X (Clean Green Success Story)

June 14, 2021

We recently spent a day with some of our clients, who shared their business challenges and how ClientTether has helped them. After a few laughs and groans about common challenges they faced, we noticed some issues that they shared - lead response, lead conversion, and ROI on marketing spend.

Rather than talk about the great videographer team, the funny setting issues, or anything else, we want to give you the highlights of the story of one of our favorite home service clients, Jeff of Clean Green Carpet Cleaning (other success stories can be found here).

Clean Green Carpet Cleaning is an environmentally friendly solution to carpet cleaning and arguably one of the most effective in the industry. But even the high-quality service that Clean Green provides didn’t make them immune to the challenges that many businesses face.

As we visited with Jeff, he identified two of their biggest challenges - (1) increasing his lead response rate and conversion, and (2) finding a good, sustainable return on investment for their marketing efforts.

Jeff's organic search and PPC spend drove a lot of traffic to his website. His prospective clients liked what they'd see about his environmentally friendly carpet cleaning process, and they would fill out his web form to schedule an appointment. This is where he identified a real challenge.

Running a fast-paced home service business often meant Jeff and his team were on the phone with other clients or otherwise occupied when leads came in. As a result, they often couldn't respond to their leads for hours. By the time Jeff's team did reach out to incoming leads, they had often found another service or were unresponsive. With the constant flow of new leads coming in, they were often too busy to circle back to these leads to see if they still needed assistance. The net result was that his team had about a 12.5% lead conversion rate.

Like many home service business owners, Jeff was trying to find a sustainable ROI for his marketing efforts. He shook his head as he told us about how much money they were spending on different tactics to try to drive traffic. He considered TV, Radio, and PPC before deciding on Google Ads as his primary paid marketing tool. After many months of consistent investment into Google Ads, Jeff realized the $8000/month was not earning him a high enough return to justify the spend.

In his search for a better solution, Jeff found ClientTether. Within the first week, he saw "drastic" results.

  • In the first week, Jeff reported having more bookings than he had in the month before
  • Less than two months later, he eliminated his Google Ads campaign completely ($8000 savings!)
  • Lead response times shortened from hours or days to 2-5 minutes
  • Lead conversion rates increased 6x from 12.5% to 75%
  • Customer satisfaction was increased all around. Satisfied customers were sent to review pages, dissatisfied customers were contacted immediately to resolve any issues they had. These steps resulted in more satisfied customers and over 3600+ reviews for his company

Want to hear about it from Jeff directly? You don't need to take our word for it.

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