Effectively Increase Your Conversion Rate


Boosting your conversion rate

A higher conversion rate lowers internal costs-per-sale and enhances your marketing ROI, giving you more time to devote to what you enjoy, in your business and personal life.To help you maximize the close rate of both your cold and warm leads, we've put together a list of 8 proven strategies that you can implement.

Add a Guarantee

Offering a money-back guarantee with a 14, 30, 60, or 90-day window can be an effective way to instill confidence in your customers and drive sales. Even if most customers never actually use it, the knowledge that it's available can make them more likely to complete a purchase.

For the best results, consider making the policy "no-questions-asked" to eliminate any potential obstacles to a refund. This straightforward approach can significantly increase sales with minimal risk to your business.

Use Testimonials

Incorporating even one outstanding testimonial on your sales page or follow-up emails can significantly enhance your conversion rates. I suggest featuring at least three testimonials, whenever possible, that resonate with your target audience by showcasing a relatable customer experience.

The goal is to have potential customers envision themselves having their problems solved and their goals achieved by selecting your company. Testimonials are a powerful tool to demonstrate that you can deliver on the promises you make, giving customers greater confidence in choosing to do business with you.

Use Social Proof

Incorporating social proof such as subscriber counts, social media followers, and Google Reviews is an effective strategy to build customer trust and increase conversions. You can also showcase a live feed of a popular Facebook post, your Instagram or Twitter feed, or other relevant social media channels. By displaying social proof that demonstrates a significant number of people use and trust your company, potential customers can feel more confident in choosing your business. This reduces the perceived risk and can encourage more conversions.

Address Common Objections Before They Arise

As you gain more experience in your business, you will likely become familiar with the common objections and questions that potential customers often have before making a purchase decision. For instance, if you offer services, clients may inquire about contract length or early termination fees. Customers may want to know about the warranty, shipping time, or usage in specific situations. To address these concerns, create a concise FAQ section that offers reassuring answers and builds confidence in the purchasing process. Alleviate fears and boost conversions by preemptively addressing common questions and objections.

Create An Offer They Cannot Refuse

This one often takes a little more leg work, but it pays off in a big way for the long haul. While it may require some effort, creating the right offer can significantly improve your conversion rates and lead to long-term success. To determine the best offer, conduct A/B tests, customer surveys, and market research to gain insight into your target audience.

Consider experimenting with different options such as a $1 30-day trial, a BOGO sale, a "Free – Just Pay Shipping!" promotion, or a limited-time bonus for signing up. Understanding your target customer is crucial in crafting an effective offer. Consider their desired benefits, biggest frustrations, obstacles, values, and willingness to pay. By testing different offers, you can identify which one resonates the most with your audience and ultimately boosts your conversion rate.

Follow Up At Least 7 Times

Set up your sales funnel with multiple touch-points to effectively engage potential customers. Research indicates it can take up to 7 or more touch points before a conversion happens. 

Improving Your Conversion Rate is an Ongoing Process

Improving conversion rates is crucial to boosting your sales and enhancing your marketing Implementing the strategies outlined above can instill confidence in your customers, build trust, and ultimately increase your chances of closing more sales. Offering a money-back guarantee, featuring testimonials, incorporating social proof, preemptively addressing objections, crafting irresistible offers, and following up with potential customers, can create a streamlined and effective sales funnel that maximizes your conversion rate. Remember, improving your conversion rate is an ongoing process, and continuous testing and optimization will ensure long-term success for your business.

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