Make each customer feel like they are your only customer

ClientTether makes it easy for sales associates to connect and reconnect with leads like they are the only lead they have.

Being First Matters

Follow up is the name of the game when it comes to a company hitting their growth goals in today’s world. With so many networking events that salespeople attend, it can be very difficult to follow up with everyone you meet…

…that is until you started to use Client Tether.

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Client Engagement Platform Pricing

Client Engagement Platform

Client Tethers provides the proven Client Engagement Platform to make it even easier to make connections that matter when closing the deals and keeping customers top of mind.

From Text, Email, and Phone Call everything that makes your business grow just became that much easier. No more missed opportunities. No more apologetic emails because you missed a meeting. No more wondering if you could have closed more deals.

ClientTether is as easy as…

Pick Your Plan

Review the plans and pick the one with the advantages that fit your current sales needs. Need help? Contact us with the form above.

Set Up How To Reach Out

Email, Text, and/or Phone calls — pick which way you want to automatically reach out to your prospects.

Close More Deals

Sit back, relax and literally take phone calls and answer text generated by our system from leads.


Our Guarantee

ClientTether aims to provide you the best ways to reach your customers. If you are truly using the software the way it was intended and still are not seeing results in increased sales engagement we will offer a full 90-day refund. Don’t worry as we will be there with you along the way to help you contact – convert – keep your customers.