The Better Way to Communicate

We automagically connect you with, and retain, your clients so you can focus on your business.

“Two thumbs way up for ClientTether! Amazing bunch of guys, the software has endless possibilities and works in a variety of applications for business. I recommend for any business!”
– Jamie –

A Smart Communication Platform


By leveraging our communications technology, our hope is to decrease our clients busy work, amplify their business success, and give them more time to focus on the things they are passionate about! We do this in a very strategic way, by designing a workflow customized to their business. We build these by using our 3 core pillars Connect, Convert, and Create as the building blocks for a successful game plan.


Our Guarantee

We stand behind our software and services and know that they drive amazing results for our clients who dive in and use it (or even part of it). For those companies where our platform is a fit, it becomes useful, sticky, and creates amazing results. Our guarantee is this, if you go through the onboarding process and don’t have similar results within the first 30 days, we will refund your set up fee and the monthly charge. No questions asked.

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